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Airflow Form

Air is supplied through various sized laser holes and placements in the diffuser. The combination of the size, location and arrangement of the laser hole

Various air exhausts are possible. The evacuation area can range from air diffusion through low velocities to long-distance supply through nozzles and laser holes.


Micropores - Small holes of 0.2 – 0.4 mm, designed to diffuse air at low velocities .

Normal hole - A hole with a diameter of 4mm or more, used to supply air to a point in the direction you want to reach .  

Nozzle - 3 inches in diameter, for high air reach or long distances , or where high wind speeds are required or you want to provide cooling/heating to a certain area .

Fabric duct is a universally used air distribution tool, and can supply air in any pattern depending on the application.

AD Industry, specializing in fabric ducts , designs and provides customized air conditioning systems for customer needs with 20 years of know -how.

The laser hole processed with a laser can be applied to any size and any location, providing an optimal air discharge system for the application with a combination that is close to infinity.  



airflow form



Cloth Duct Fabric Duct Fiber Duct AD Industry

Reachable distance may vary depending on air pressure and on-road vehicle.

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Cloth Duct Fabric Duct Fiber Duct AD Industry

AD Industry specializing in Textile duct

Custom Fabric Ducts & Diffusers

AD Industry, specializing in textile ducts, can precisely meet the needs of customers through Frihoda's own design software . It is possible to design an optimized air discharge system for the workplace by conducting simulations by reflecting all aerodynamic factors such as positive pressure of the diffuser, the location of the outlet, dimensions, and temperature difference .

Cloth Duct Fabric Duct Fiber Duct AD Industry
Cloth Duct Fabric Duct Fiber Duct AD Industry

If multiple airflows cannot be reliably calculated due to their complex interactions, 3D Fluent software can be used to provide them. Airflow pattern simulation considering the published speed, flow conditions, static pressure, weight and location of fabric ducts is the biggest advantage of Freehoda AD Industry, which can satisfy all customer requirements.  


AD Industry, specializing in Fabric duct

Excellent technology (case)

Applying Prihoda cloth ductSince the installation is carried out after simulation, considering the size of the workplace, the structure of the workplace, the capacity of cooling/heating equipment, and the number of applied ducts,  It can effectively achieve and maintain the target temperature within the 0.5 degree error range .

This is the temperature distribution table of the automated warehouse of a pharmaceutical company to which the Frihoda fabric duct is applied.

simulation results,  The target temperature was satisfied within 0.5 degree error range.

Cloth Duct Fabric Duct Fiber Duct AD Industry
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