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Maintenance and Warranty

Frihoda's fabric ducts are made of high quality and strong materials. The materials used are those specified in the customer's order specification. PMS, PMI, PLS, PLI, NMS, NMI, NLI, NLS, NMR, NLW Cloth ducts can be washed in a regular washing machine. NMF, NHE and NLF materials must be hand washed. Fixed parts such as fabric duct retaining parts and tensioning (tensioning) systems must be removed before washing.


Any maintenance must strictly follow the laundry symbol label sealed within each duct.


laundry procedure


1/ For heavily soiled diffusers, first clean them with a vacuum cleaner (presser and soft brush).


2/ When using common industrial detergent (use supplier's recommended amount) and washing machine at 40 °C, 400 rpm rotation and intensive rinsing are recommended. Depending on the level of contamination, washing may be repeated or a stronger detergent may be used. For hand washing, please use an appropriate detergent. Diffusers that cannot be machine washed can be cleaned effectively by vacuuming, rinsing them under running water, and then laying them down to dry.


3/ If necessary according to the installation space, please add a disinfectant. Chemical disinfectants should not affect the fabric (see washing symbols) and detergents should be in accordance with the supplier's recommendations.


4/ After washing the diffuser, dry it well before installation. You can dry the fabric as air passes through the diffuser. 

The warranty period starts from the sales period. The warranty is valid if all installation and maintenance instructions are followed and proper use is made to maintain the performance of the supply air. Additionally, the supply air must be filtered at least EU3 and the duct must be cleaned once every 12 months. The use of chemicals that adversely affect the material or parts of the product is excluded from the warranty. The color of the cloth duct may be discolored by falling water.  



Important conditions that apply to diffusers with imprints

  1.  Ambient temperature is within 10°C to 40°C above zero  

  2. No ironing

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