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Fabric duct system and diffuser


A fabric duct (Fabric Duct - Textile Duct) is a system that includes not only air transport (air supply) but also a constant air distribution/diffusion function within the area.

In general, it realizes not only supply air and intake but also total air conditioning at the same time. AD Industries, which specializes in ducts,  We offer three types of systems .

   [1] Supply Air Distribution System (Fabric Ducting & Diffuser)

[2] Suction duct system for indoor exhaust

[3] Air delivery using cloth duct system    

1. Air discharge through diffuser


Supply air (V) to the diffuser can exit the diffuser in one of the following ways, depending on its purpose and function:

A – Permeable fabric material

B – Fine laser hole – 0.2mm to 0.4mm in diameter 

C – Normal laser hole – 4 mm or more in diameter

D – small nozzle

E – large nozzle

F – move to another system/space via adapter/connector

G – Outlet – Air leads to another system and space

Cloth Duct Fabric Duct Fiber Duct AD Industry

Air discharge through outlet or end

V (air supply) = A + B + C + D + E + F + G

2. Suction duct


The laser hole is used to introduce air into the suction duct. 

Cloth Duct Fabric Duct Fiber Duct AD Industry

3. Air delivery through duct system

Fabric duct supplies air to the final point without dispersion by using ducts made of permeable as well as impermeable or insulated materials. As shown in the picture, we produce and use various connecting parts such as branch adapters, reducers, curves, and chambers.


Cloth Duct Fabric Duct Fiber Duct AD Industry
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