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Material and properties

PRIHODA attaches great importance to the quality of the materials used. In any case, after the development process, the fabric duct goes through an intensive testing stage to give customers the maximum satisfaction of use. PMI/PMIre/NMI materials are standard products and provide all the features below.


High strength and robustness

PMS/NMS/PMI/PMIre/NMI, which is the basic material, is 1800 N/10mm in braid and 1000 N/10mm in weft (thread) state, showing optimum rigidity. Because of these properties, you don't have to worry too much about rupture of the material.


high fire resistance

PMI/NMI/PMS/NMS materials are certified according to EN 13501-1 with excellent results. These materials are classified as B - S1, d0 (excellent flame retardant rating), which means they prevent the spread of fire, minimal smoke leakage and no dripping of molten substances. In fact, NHE materials are class A (non-combustible grade). PMI/NMI/PLI/NLI/PMS materials are certified to US standard UL 723.


Lint-free fabric material itself

Due to the use of endless fibers, all materials can be used in class 4 clean rooms without exception. During laboratory testing, the material has been demonstrated to be lint-free when used in ducting.  


Anti-static effect

In PMI/PMIre/NMI materials, the woven carbon fibers do not generate static electricity on the surface of the fibers.


antibacterial effect

It has been treated with a special treatment that kills bacteria that have settled in the fibers. This effect does not go away even after several washings. Even after ten washes, it meets European standards. A 10-year warranty is available, subject to our company's minimum maintenance requirements. (See below) Considering the product's characteristic that it doesn't usually need to be washed often, it's practically a semi-permanent effect.  


easy management

The fabric made of endless fibers is very practical and prevents the adhesion of impurities etc. from the air flowing inside the duct. This air is distributed through the holes and the fabric diffuser (under normal circumstances) remains almost clean inside. It does not require any maintenance other than external dust removal. It is only necessary to wash for hygienic or aesthetic reasons.


stable appearance

Due to the infinitely connected fiber, the appearance of the fabric duct is not deformed even after a lot of washing, unlike the material made of ordinary fibers. PMI/PMIre/NMI/ PMS/NMS material hardly deteriorates in any washing method.



Choose the right material


1/ What level of fire resistance do you need?

  fabric ducts are marked with three levels of fire resistance.


  best fire resistance

The highest fire resistance (hereafter in "excellent", denoted by the letter "E") means a completely non-combustible material. In this grade, considering the price, glass fiber fabric coated with polyurethane is used. It is non-permeable and less rigid and brittle than medium-weight polyester materials. This material (NHE) corresponds to step A2s1, d0 in EN 13501-1.


  improved fire resistance  

Improved fire resistance (in "increased", denoted by the letter "I") means high fire resistance and very little smoke. This material meets the requirements in most places. This material (PMI, PMIre, NMI, NMR, PMS, NMS, NLI, PLI) corresponds to steps B1-s1, d0 in EN 13501-1.


  low fire resistance  

Polyester materials or foils ("F" for "foil", "S" for "standard" and "T" for "Translucent-translucent") are flame retardant at low temperatures. These materials can be used in environments where high fire resistance is not required. These materials (NLW, NMT, NLS, PLS) correspond to levels C, D and E in EN 13501-1. Foil (NMF has no fire resistance at all.


2/ How much durability and cleanliness do you need?

  Fibers are divided into three types according to their weight.  


Light (L)

The minimum static pressure for a diffuser made of these materials to expand is 20 Pa. On the other hand, these materials are light in weight and have low strength. Therefore, there is a high risk of tearing if not used as specified on the specification. Lightweight materials other than NLF materials can be washed in the washing machine.


Medium (M)

This material is between 180 and 350 g/m² and has high strength and tear resistance. The minimum static pressure for air supply is 50Pa or more. These materials are machine washable.


Heavy (H)  

This material (NHE) is a polyurethane coated fiber and is an impermeable material. These materials cannot be machine washed, but can be washed manually using water. The minimum static pressure for air supply is 50Pa or more.



3/ Need a permeable material?

  The permeable material prevents condensation on the duct when cooling below the dew point.


4/ Do you want a completely sustainable product? We can provide recycled materials.  

  Our products are environmentally friendly for a variety of reasons. What's more, we offer 100% recycled PMIre products. In cooperation with the global textile manufacturer Unifi, we supply recycled fiber (REPREVE) made from plastic bottle waste. This makes this recycled fiber a completely sustainable product. These products are identical in appearance to PMI materials as well as in performance. PMIre is a fireproof, antibacterial material and can be used in clean rooms. There are four colors: WH (white), LG (light gray), DG (dark gray), and BL (blue). Using 1 m² of recycled fiber is equivalent to reclaiming 13 PET bottles in a landfill.  


5/ What color do you want?

  Most of the materials are available in 9 colors by default. Please refer to the color chart below. Non-standard colors are also available, and the delivery period is extended if the customer requests a special color.






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